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UMass Amherst - Diversity Matters

UMass Amherst - Diversity Matters

Over the past 150 years, the University of Massachusetts Amherst has remained committed to its original land grant mission of teaching, research and public service.

Truly exemplifying our land grant mission requires that we live and work in an environment that fosters the free exchange of ideas – an environment that values and encourages the diversity of human experience and gives voice to all. When each individual has the opportunity to fully explore and question, then we advance teaching, research and public service. Only through an environment of inclusivity do we encourage the exchange of ideas and educate the next generation of responsible citizenry. Only an environment of tolerance enables the intellectual risk-taking needed to create new knowledge. And, only an environment that values human diversity will actively seek to engage in public service for the betterment of all.

Ensuring that our campus remains an environment that actively values the diversity of the human experience requires constant tending: it is the responsibility of each individual member of our campus community to remain engaged and proactive in the effort.

Through this effort, we will collectively continue to fulfill our land grant mission for another 150 years and beyond.


Robert C. Holub


Message from Chancellor Holub