Posting jobs for 60 days gets better results

Posting jobs 60 days increases visibility gets better results. So why don’t employers do it? Most likely the decision is made by someone other than the recruiter or hiring manager. Chances are the decision is made by an administrator. This person might also decide which job board to use and who does the actual posting. … Read More

Post Jobs with Intent

Post jobs with intent to hire diversity. Post jobs with intent means not being passive when posting a job. Post jobs with intent means to post confidently knowing job seekers have choices today. An employer might presume since they are willing to hire then candidates will rush to apply. Inexperienced employers think “posting and they … Read More

Finding Job Postings

You might think finding job postings an easy task to accomplish. All job board websites offer a search box for entering search keywords. Some career sites offer search options. The options involve combining syntax filters such as “all”, “except”, also “and”. An example would be “Sales Executive and Marketing and Dallas”. Now that is a … Read More

Posting Job Descriptions – Cut & Paste

Recruiters know posting job descriptions correctly is important. Postings must be appealing because it’s the media used to attract candidates. Posting job descriptions is easy to do. You cut the job content from your site and paste the information on the job board’s website.Niche job boards, such as – refer to this posting process … Read More

Diversity Friendly Employers Attract Talent provides a diversity recruitment platform for Diversity Friendly Employers. Diversity friendly employers attract talent and are an elite group of clients. These employers demonstrate a commitment for recruiting diversity talent. Over the past 16 years has provided a high caliber of job posting services. Thousands of employers post jobs for professionals, faculty, … Read More

Diversity Candidate Job Search

Most common diversity candidate job search traps A diversity candidate job search can be hampered by unsuspecting time wasters. We call these time wasters “traps” . Diversity candidate job search is often done when the candidate has little available time. A diversity candidate, like other candidates, who want to optimize their career search. Some are … Read More

Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive workplace – maintinng an inclusive work space is a hot political and social topic. Media sources regularly report on business related diversity and inclusion issues. It’s accepted having a diverse and inclusive culture is great business. Let’s face it – the “good old boy” men’s club is quickly disappearing. Providing an inclusive workplace is … Read More

Diversity Recruiting Method

Diversity recruiting methods vary based on the urgency to hire. The most used diversity recruiting method is in-house recruiting. In-house recruiters are employees trained to research industry sources. A recruiter might ask community leaders for help. Asking existing employees for referrals is another diversity recruiting method. Outside Agencies Some employers might opt to hire an … Read More

Job Posting – Attract Better Candidates – part 2

I suppose 5 seconds spent reading a job posting is reasonable in light of 2 seconds or less spent reading Tweets and text messages. Recruiters are essential competing for the attention of job seekers which mandates how important an excellent job posting is for encouraging job seekers to read,react and apply. Here are a few job posting … Read More

Reichhold – Worldwide Resin Supplier – Diversity Friend is proud to announce Reichhold as one of our Diversity Friends. Diversity Friends is an exclusive grouping of clients – industry leaders known for their dedication to build a diverse and inclusive workplace. Reichhold – Worldwide Resin Supplier – Diversity Friend is respected employer of diverse men and women.