Find Jobs Trump Employers

Imagine job seekers searching Google using search words “ find jobs Trump employers”. Trump supporters looking for “like” mindset at organizations espousing Trump racial sentiments. Granted Trump’s “base” have every right to feel comfortable and welcomed among those who are akin to them culturally or otherwise. God bless them and God help minorities who find themselves in the same workplace. Minority Job Candidates – Level 4 Alert My sisters and brothers – maybe you too should search using “find jobs Trump Employers” to get an early warning about a potential new employer. On the surface, the company might advertise appealing diversity images and text describing a welcoming diverse work culture. Looks … Read More

Job Search Sexual Harassment

Job search sexual harassment keyword search on Google offers up articles describing anti-harassment means helping women, not just punishing men. This headline appeared on an article published by to address how fighting sexual harassment in the workplace is a really serious problem. In a recent Washington Post / ABC News poll, a third of women said they experienced sexual advances from a male colleague or a man with influence over their job. A third of those women said the advances constituted sexual abuse. The majority of people who experience sexual harassment don’t report it. Seventy five percent of those who come forward face some kind of retaliation. Using Google keyword … Read More

Find jobs for female engineers is chosen by many female engineers to find jobs! Many companies today, including technology firms with a large number of engineers on staff, are seeking to find female engineers. These companies realize increasing female engineers in the workplace contributes to product innovation, global competence, and other successful corporate outcomes. is chosen by many national technology businesses for posting job opportunities to attract female engineers and many female engineers are looking to find jobs on In light of the current low unemployment for diverse candidates, offers a free feature to post jobs until filled .’s services assist employers such as Harris Corporation, Reichhold ,Metropolitan Water Utility, RJM Construction and Raytheon. Some technology-based companies, … Read More

Diversity Jobs at White House

Diversity Jobs at White House Since the violence in Charlottesville, many people employed by the White House had to take a pause. They needed time to decide if they could support President Trump and his rhetoric, while staying true to their personal integrity and beliefs. Although no one immediately resigned, many have said to be conflicted regarding the President’s support of the “Many Good People” that were marching alongside the Alt-Right, last weekend. Secretary Tillerson stated in a speech to agency interns and fellows, that the government had done a bad job of closing the diversity gap over the last 20 to 30 years. Currently, only about 12% of the highest … Read More

Diversity Jobs – Attracting Candidates has, for over 17 years, been an influential force regarding diversity jobs – attracting candidates. Diversity jobs – attracting candidates is not about the statistics flouted by career boards. It doesn’t matter using one click to post on 100-1000 job boards. If your job isn’t shown on page 1-2 it will never be viewed anyway.’s staff has compiled highly  beneficial tactics for diversity jobs – attracting candidates. Here are 13 tactics to ensure you are attracting  more diverse candidates. Hiring is not easy. Those who accept fictitious career board traffic information and charge ahead are abandoning all hope of establishing a national diversity recruitment brand.Whether you’re trying to … Read More

Diversity jobs trends

Diversity jobs for talented men and women is what has offered for nearly 18 years nationwide. When we started our business, in the 90’s”, diversity jobs” were positions posted by mostly the Fortune 500. At that time HR departments were becoming alert to changes in America’s labor pool demographics. Many of these large corporations were experiencing increased political and social pressure from employees and investors. Many firms reacted to Federal agencies finding and penalizing employers practicing hiring discrimination. Other employers and entire industries such as the Hollywood movie industry and Silicon Valley are still drag their feet in promoting diversity and inclusion. Curiously, Madison Avenue agencies who provide advice … Read More

Job search engine postings

Job search engine postings show zillions of available jobs. Are they really available? An employer’s job postings does not always mean the company is looking to hire.  It could mean that they are trying to see what talent is available in the workforce. They may be posting the job because the law requires it.They may already have a candidate in mind. Employer’s need to place openings job search engine postings to show the government there is no available talent so they can request H1B visas. H1B visas allow companies to hire talent from outside the U.S. because there is no available talent in the U.S. Just a couple reasons why all openings shown as … Read More

Diversity jobs – Lip service

The practice of paying lip service ( all talk – no action ) to diversity jobs is a common practice at some of the most unlikely organizations. The lip service begins with a announcement to improve their diversity / inclusion work culture. The announcement is even better when it includes the introduction of a new corporate chief diversity officer . Quiet – waiting for the storm When Slack publicly pledged a future built on diversity in 2014, its desire to embrace more of a 21st century-style workforce was widely praised. Three years later, the company openly admitted via its diversity report card that committing to diversity had been a bigger challenge … Read More

Major Company CEOs Pledge to Advance Diversity and Inclusion!

In this environment of hate and divisiveness, major company CEOs are pledging to promote diversity and inclusion. Tim Ryan, the US Chairman for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, along with business leaders of the largest corporations, are working to create the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge. Over 150 CEOs, in over 45 industries have committed to the pledge so far. They are committing to create workplaces where different perspectives are welcome and differences are appreciated. But, Will The Pledge Work ? The initiative is the largest CEO driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion, ever!  With just 1% of the nations Fortune 500 CEOs being black,  4% being women and a smaller … Read More

Bogus Web Traffic

“I pity the fool” is accredited to Mr T when asked about Rocky Balboa before their Rocky 3 match. Mr. T’s sentiments could apply to employers who trust bogus web traffic. Bogus web traffic is data collected fraudulently by software “bots”. Some recruiters feel the safe bet is to post jobs on websites who boast big traffic stats. The reality is those statistics are based on bogus web site traffic data. In addition, some of the statistical information sought has no bearing on the employer’s ability to attract qualified talent. Imagine you are in need of a science professor with a Ph.d or a senior database administrator with 6 years … Read More