Diversity Candidate Pipeline

“Oh yeah, we want to build a diversity candidate pipeline”. Our reply “that’s great!” We then ask what does having a diversity candidate pipeline mean to you – can you describe a pipeline? Top 5 replies regarding having a pipeline. 1:” Our diversity candidate pipeline is a list of candidates you can call at any … Read More

Job Posting Application Deadlines

Job posting application deadlines can be self defeating. Ever notice when reading job postings on line with text stating “Application deadline dd/mm/year”. Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of publishing job posting application deadlines ? Why post a deadline? Here are some possibilities: 1: HR corporate policies dictate the statement be included. Why? … Read More

Do Black Names Matter ?

Black names matter when some recruiters associate a particular name with racial significance. Following are two groups of names which might appear on an online job application. One group is comprised on men and women with names such as Tyrone, DeShawn, Reginald or Demetrius. The women are named Latisha, Shanice and Ebony. The second group … Read More

Diversity Hiring Scenarios

Diversity hiring has become more important to some organizations in America for a variety of reasons. Some are driven by recognition it is the right thing to do – to be humanitarian- to honor and respect fellow citizens. Other organizations are compelled to stay within the laws defining equal opportunity behavior. Yet there are still … Read More

Diversity Job Board Traffic

Niche job boards , such as Diversity.com , are questioned daily regarding diversity job board traffic. Knowing a site’s diversity job board traffic is the number one sought out evaluation criteria from recruiters who don’t know what else to ask. The problem in most every case is the information obtained is corrupt. Yes – the … Read More

Posting jobs for 60 days gets better results

Posting jobs 60 days increases visibility gets better results. So why don’t employers do it? Most likely the decision is made by someone other than the recruiter or hiring manager. Chances are the decision is made by an administrator. This person might also decide which job board to use and who does the actual posting. … Read More

Post Jobs with Intent

Post jobs with intent to hire diversity. Post jobs with intent means not being passive when posting a job. Post jobs with intent means to post confidently knowing job seekers have choices today. An employer might presume since they are willing to hire then candidates will rush to apply. Inexperienced employers think “posting and they … Read More

Finding Job Postings

You might think finding job postings an easy task to accomplish. All job board websites offer a search box for entering search keywords. Some career sites offer search options. The options involve combining syntax filters such as “all”, “except”, also “and”. An example would be “Sales Executive and Marketing and Dallas”. Now that is a … Read More

Posting Job Descriptions – Cut & Paste

Recruiters know posting job descriptions correctly is important. Postings must be appealing because it’s the media used to attract candidates. Posting job descriptions is easy to do. You cut the job content from your site and paste the information on the job board’s website.Niche job boards, such as Diversity.com – refer to this posting process … Read More

Diversity Friendly Employers Attract Talent

Diversity.com provides a diversity recruitment platform for Diversity Friendly Employers. Diversity friendly employers attract talent and are an elite group of Diversity.com clients. These employers demonstrate a commitment for recruiting diversity talent. Over the past 16 years Diversity.com has provided a high caliber of job posting services. Thousands of employers post jobs for professionals, faculty, … Read More