Asian Pacific American Gays – LGBTQ

An absence of positive images of LGBTQ Asian Pacific Americans in entertainment and media can also make acknowledging one’s orientation or gender identity more difficult. “Coming out took a bit longer for me because of being a child of television,” said Loren Javier, a former Gay Asian Pacific Alliance board member. “I was glued to the TV in the ’70s and ’80s and rarely saw Asian characters or gay ones, let alone Asian characters who were LGBTQ. It was such a revelation when the sit-com ‘Soap’ featured Billy Crystal as Jody Dallas, an openly gay man. But even then, part of me related to Jody, but part of me didn’t … Read More

War On The Poor!

The war on the poor in the United States is real! As more and more Americans don’t have or cant get access to items they need just to live. New organizations are popping up every day, to fight the war on the poor like Rev. William Barber’s Moral Monday March.  The Moral Mondays March, people march to state buildings to protest against the injustices of this government and their policies. Even the United Nations is looking into the agenda of the Trump administration and how it is negatively impacting the poor. Phillip Alston, a veteran U.N. rights expert, will be reporting on how the Trump policies are pushing the poor into destitution. Can … Read More

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