Virginia – Driving While Black

Driving while Black ( DWB )in Virginia . ”I’ve never liked driving through Virginia.” Says Rhett Butler. Rhett Butler is a Boxing Writer Association of America Journalist. Mr. Butler states “As a student at Howard University, the Commonwealth was just across the Potomac River. It held nicer malls, manicured greens, and better blacktops to play ball. Northern Virginia always oozed white privilege as the bedroom community of Washington, D.C. It was also the first stop in white flight during D.C.’s tumultuous late sixties through nineties. From the riots after MLK’s assassination to Mayor for life, Marion Barry showing the city’s penchant for cocaine consumption, D.C. seemed scary. However, as a Black … Read More

The America We Know, No Longer Exists?

Yesterday on the Laura Ingraham show, she stated that “The America we know, no longer exists“. What? Then she continued by saying that LEGAL and illegal immigration was the cause of America’s changing demographics. What was the message she was trying to get across? Who was she talking to, the Trump base?  Why would legal immigration be the cause? Could it be that areas of our country that never saw people of color before, are now seeing people of color? Why is that so bad? Haven’t there been countless reports that show diversity is good for the country? Don’t diverse perspectives and backgrounds bring about different thoughts and ideas? I was always told that diversity … Read More

Living While Black Smith College

Living While Black Smith College – An employee who called police on a black Smith College student who was eating lunch in a common room on the western Massachusetts campus Tuesday has been placed on leave, school officials say. In a transcript of the call released by school officials Friday, the unidentified employee tells campus police dispatchers that the student seemed “out of place.” Click Here to read more The student, rising sophomore Oumou Kanoute, told CBS Boston she works at a summer program teaching chemistry to high school students for Smith’s STEM program and was reading in the dining hall of the Tyler House dorm Tuesday. Ms.Kanoute was about … Read More

HR Diversity Committee

You’ve heard of an HR Diversity Committee formed to discuss how to recruit diverse job seekers. ( coded word for people of color ) Ever hear of an HR Diversity Committee formed to decide how to recruit white candidates ? Course not. White candidates are not considered diverse. In an organizations staffed lily white hiring white candidates is the norm – No HR Diversity Committee needed. Even if the employer’s workplace is diverse – normal “hiring” activities seldom includes the search for diverse men and women. For example, executive searches outsourced to agencies rarely specifically ask for the agency to seek out diverse candidates. The employer feels “safe” from being … Read More

Living While Black Racial Profiling

“Living While Black Racial Profiling” a phrase that encompasses the myriad ways black people are viewed with suspicion, profiled, and threatened with responses from police for minor infractions, or less. Collectively, they illustrate the ways people of color are subjected to arbitrary social expectations, and how violating those expectations is punishable. Decades after the collapse of legal segregation, they also show that spaces like clothing stores, coffee shops, neighborhoods, and universities remain strongly controlled along racial lines. A woman protests at a Philadelphia Starbucks following the arrest of two black men in April 2018. The arrest became the first in a wave of stories about black people. A clear case … Read More

Black Farmers Sold Fake Seeds!

Earlier this month, a group of black farmers cited that the Stine Seed Company sold them fake seeds. The farmers have filed a lawsuit against the company that they believe sold them the fake soybean seeds. The farmers purchase the seeds at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in March 2017. Many farmers purchased their seeds from Stine Seed Company, but only the black farmers’ seeds didn’t produce product. Black farmers spent more than $200,000 buying Stine Seeds and chemicals, expecting to produce 70 to 100 bushels of soybeans; they were only producing 5 to 7 bushels of soybeans with the Stine Seeds. The farmers took their seeds to seed experts at Mississippi State University … Read More

Purple Squirrel

Purple squirrel is a term used by employment recruiters to describe a job candidate with precisely the right education, set of experience, and range of qualifications that perfectly fits a job’s requirements. The implication is that over-specification of the requirements makes a perfect candidate as hard to find as a purple squirrel.  Recruiters, unfamiliar with best practices for attracting diverse professionals, managers and executives are in search of a purple squirrel with blond hair. Nuts – ( no pun intended ). staffers get questions such as “how many Puerto Ricans males, with 6 years experience in IT networking, visit ? Our staffers are trained to say politely “we do not know … Read More

Diversity – What Is Google Saying ?

Google released its annual diversity report last week, and the numbers haven’t changed much from last year. While blacks, hispanics and women hiring barely rose with an increase of just 0.1 percent; the Asian presence rose over 1.6 percent, the biggest increase at Google. Google is not alone in its fight for diversity. Many firms in the Silicon Valley are struggling to increase diversity in their workforce. Most companies are seeing little to no progress. Is Google Pulling A Comey ? Last week’s DOJ release its report on the 2016 Election and the actions of James Comey. It looks like the behavior of James Comey to prove he was not on the side of Hilary … Read More

Asian Pacific American Gays – LGBTQ

An absence of positive images of LGBTQ Asian Pacific Americans in entertainment and media can also make acknowledging one’s orientation or gender identity more difficult. “Coming out took a bit longer for me because of being a child of television,” said Loren Javier, a former Gay Asian Pacific Alliance board member. “I was glued to the TV in the ’70s and ’80s and rarely saw Asian characters or gay ones, let alone Asian characters who were LGBTQ. It was such a revelation when the sit-com ‘Soap’ featured Billy Crystal as Jody Dallas, an openly gay man. But even then, part of me related to Jody, but part of me didn’t … Read More

War On The Poor!

The war on the poor in the United States is real! As more and more Americans don’t have or cant get access to items they need just to live. New organizations are popping up every day, to fight the war on the poor like Rev. William Barber’s Moral Monday March.  The Moral Mondays March, people march to state buildings to protest against the injustices of this government and their policies. Even the United Nations is looking into the agenda of the Trump administration and how it is negatively impacting the poor. Phillip Alston, a veteran U.N. rights expert, will be reporting on how the Trump policies are pushing the poor into destitution. Can … Read More