Diversity Job Post Visibility

Today you post a job on a career website that boast zillions of visitors. Your job posting visibility on search result pages is on the top of page 1. Fabulous! Next day your job posting visibility slips to top of results page 2 because new postings push your posting down. Ok. Still good job visibility. On day 3 your posting is not shown in search results at all – zero posting visibility. Chances are the number of new postings received late on day 2 pushed your job posting further deeper in their database. Your job posting is still on the website except now the job posting visibility is sliding downward … Read More

Diversity Jobs Until Filled Part 2

Diversity Jobs Until Filled Part 2 is a follow up to a previous Open Until Filled. Part 2 details some recommendations for employers to consider when posting an open until filled job posting. Definition : “Open until filled” means that the vacancy does not have a closing date and that applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. Diversity.com recommendations 1: Show and tell. Post an image in your posting showing the work location or environment. Let’s say you are searching for a Director of Campus Athletics- Try showing an image such as this one. Include some brief text explaining the image and provide an active HTML link taking … Read More

Free Test Posting

It happened again this morning. It is the question “can we post a free test posting”? After 18 years managing Diversity.com this question continues to perturb – grate on my nerves. The question came after 15 minutes of my extolling the extraordinary benefits (IMHO) of posting jobs on Diversity.com. As it turns out my efforts to educate the caller fell on deaf ears.The HR associate’s only comment was can we post a free test posting? I thanked her for the inquiry and politely ended the phone call. Heaven help them. If she represents the knowledge base at her employer regard hiring diverse men and women they are “red meat” for … Read More

Diversity Jobs Open Until Filled

The statement open until filled is shown in most academic job postings for many diversity jobs. That’s smart considering how most academic openings require extensive education and work experience history. Few corporate employers include the statement open until filled in their job descriptions. I suppose corporate employers feel confident they will fill the job quickly and thus, there is no need to say open until filled. Hope might spring eternal but a 30 day job posting lasts 30 days! I suspect hiring managers would agree to adding the statement except the human resources department is normally in charge of what can and cannot be included in a job description. Too … Read More

Diversity Job Fairs

Diversity job fairs are a waste of time. Oh, Did I mention diversity job fairs are a waste of time? The pre job fairs advertisement reads similar to this – “Great opportunity to meet with top employers hiring now for jobs in your area. Dozens of local area employers will be attending and are eagerly seeking to meet diverse individuals such as you. Please bring copies of your resume and dress to impress.” Ok.. that’s the rap or something similar more or less. I tell you it is sad to see lines of men and women, primarily brown and black individuals but not solely, standing in the rain, snow or … Read More

Find Jobs: Can Cashier-less Help Unemployment?

Are new technologies helping to find jobs ? Last Monday, Amazon launched it’s first cashier-less market to the public in Seattle Washington. The Amazon Go market allows customers to shop without having to go through a checkout line. The advance technology can detect when items are taken off and put back on the shelf, customers scan the products they want and go. Customers are then sent a detailed receipt to their Amazon account. There are a few store associates that are available to check-ids for liquor purchases; for in-store food prep and to ask questions. Pretty awesome, right? Innovation May Not Be Our Friend! In the last couple of years, we have been hearing more … Read More

Find jobs – Conservation Corps

Congress wants to create a 21st century version of the Civilian Conservation Corps to help maintain and preserve federal lands and parks. Search find jobs – Conservation Corps for details. Here is a summary: The 2017 expansion, would allow federal land and management agencies to use volunteers to fill vacancies on restoration projects that are backlogged. The back log of restoration and maintenance projects is causing many of our National Parks and federal lands to be closed to the public. According to lawmakers pushing the bill, those that volunteer for these opportunities will receive a “leg up” when applying for federal jobs. The program would target veterans, inner city youth, … Read More

Diversity Jobs Numbers Matter

This week ended again with conversations about diversity jobs numbers matter. Is diversity more than a just a number?  Diversity in our hiring; diversity in our government.  The conversation continues on how to bring more diverse individuals to the table, but we have been having this conversation for a long time, with very little change.   Diversity means hiring a workforce that reflects the racial and religious make-up of the society it supports. How hard can this be? But since the 2003 Supreme Court case in the University of Michigan case, the court ruled that there was a compelling reason to maintain Diversity. Shouldn’t we have mastered this issue by now? Some progress is … Read More

Finding Diversity Jobs

Finding diversity jobs is a serious problem at corporations across the country. Millennials are all too aware of it since surveys show they prefer a diverse workplace.They’re the most racially and ethnically diverse generation the country has ever seen, and they tend to prioritize finding diversity jobs at companies with workplace programs over ones without them. They are frustrated when seeking diversity jobs at US corporations. We hear from millennials who wonder why an employer would pay to advertise an opening without including pertinent information such salary, compensation, benefits and advancement opportunities. They are frustrated reading job postings described minimum requirements stating an undergraduate degree required, 3-5 years industry experience. … Read More

Find Jobs Trump Employers

Imagine job seekers searching Google using search words “ find jobs Trump employers”. Trump supporters looking for “like” mindset at organizations espousing Trump racial sentiments. Granted Trump’s “base” have every right to feel comfortable and welcomed among those who are akin to them culturally or otherwise. God bless them and God help minorities who find themselves in the same workplace. Minority Job Candidates – Level 4 Alert My sisters and brothers – maybe you too should search using “find jobs Trump Employers” to get an early warning about a potential new employer. On the surface, the company might advertise appealing diversity images and text describing a welcoming diverse work culture. Looks … Read More