Diversity Hiring Is Competitive

Diversity hiring is competitive! General unemployment in the U.S is below 4.7%. The availability of diverse men and women professionals, faculty and management is far less. Reality has settled in within many for profit and non-profit entities. Reality is the volume of talent who were mainstay employees at “old school” diversity free workplaces culture is … Read More

Black Women At Work

Sexist and racial abuse of black women at work is more than a common occurrence. Some white people take delight in bullying black women at work without concern for being held accountable by their employer. You might say the statement, “some white people” is too encompassing. No. I don’t think so. Disrespecting and demeaning black … Read More

Diversity in America

Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) say an increasing number of people from different races, ethnic groups and nationalities in the U.S. makes the country a better place to live. Fewer (29%) think growing diversity in America does not make much difference, and just 5% think it makes the country a worse place to live. This … Read More

Diversity At Uber

Diversity at Uber is an oxy-moron some might say. Uber technologies Inc released it’s first report on 3/28 showing women and non-white employees are underrepresented! Diversity at Uber is on par with many other technology firms. Uber released the information after a series of revelations about it’s nearly mostly white, mostly a male, gender unfriendly … Read More

Hiring Diverse Engineers

Istuary Innovation Group celebrates hiring diverse engineers during National Engineering Month across Canada with a commitment to increase women hires. Istuary has made significant strides in diversifying local talent with aggressive hiring across its offices since 2013. Exemplifying National Engineering Month’s theme “There’s a Place for You”, Istuary has positively improved the rate of hiring … Read More

HBCUs – Pioneers of School Choice

Yesterday – 2/28 – Secretary of Education DeVos is quoted as referring  to HBCUs as “pioneers of school choice”. Secretary Betsy DeVois said  (HBCUs) are “real pioneers when it comes to school choice” . “They are living proof that when more options are provided to students, they are afforded greater access and greater quality,” she … Read More

Support Workplace Diversity

Ten tips to support workplace diversity article recently published by Forbes. The authors, Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt, are Forbes contributors. Mr. Gaudino and Ms. Hunt are zealous in writing on topics of diversity and inclusion. Their article regarding support of workplace diversity is actually part 2 of a series of two articles. Part 1 … Read More

Seeking Women for STEM Careers

Forbes.com GE Corp is seeking women for STEM careers. GE announced they were targeting a specific diversity group namely seeking women for STEM careers. Imagine that! GE announced their goal to hire 20,000 women for Stem, Technology, Engineering and Math roles by the year 2020. The goals also include a 50:50 female/male representation in each … Read More

OpenMic Reports Silicone Valley Struggles to Hire Diversity

Despite high profile programs designed to attract more diverse candidates to join their companies OpenMic reports Silicon Valley struggles to hire diversity. The report issued by OpenMic – pointed out how Black, Latino and Native American engineers remain scarce at America’s top technology organizations. OpenMic says Blacks and Latinos make up just 5.3 percent of … Read More