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diversity at the workplace
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Friends of Diversity - Reichhold

Reichhold is one of the world's largest suppliers of unsaturated polyester resins for composites and a leading supplier of coating resins for a wide variety of markets and applications. With its world headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, and 19 manufacturing sites and 4 technology centers spread around the world, Reichhold has the widest global reach of any resin supplier today. Global Supplier to the Composites & Coatings Industries Reichhold is the world's largest supplier of unsaturated polyester resins for composites and a leading supplier of coating resins for a wide variety of markets and applications.With its ... « Read More »

Better Job Postings Attract Better Candidates

Attracting the best  diverse candidates using better written job postings provide a larger hiring pool while increasing the overall diversity of your company. As you establish yourself as a company that appreciates diversity, more candidates may submit their application materials. The diversity strengthens your work force by providing experience and background knowledge from different perspectives. Changes to your job advertisement and recruitment methods enable you to reach more candidates from diverse backgrounds. As the diversity of your candidate pool expands, focus on the qualifications of the candidates to make your hiring decision. Not long ago ( circa 1980-1990 ), the process for ... « Read More »

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Workplace diversity refers to a place of business that has male and female employees from multiple races, ethnicities, age groups, sexual orientation and religious affiliations. Such a business may also include employees who are veterans or have disabilities. Characteristics of workplace diversity include employing people from different backgrounds across all departments and pay levels--from front-end customer service and sales people to C-level officers.
As workforce demographics shift and global markets emerge, workplace diversity inches closer to becoming a business necessity instead of a banner that companies wave to show their commitment to embracing differences ... « Read More »

Compliance with Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

The Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) published a Final Rule on December 9, 2014, implementing Executive Order 13672, which prohibits federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The new rule will take effect April 8, 2015. Although the new rule does NOT include new reporting and information gathering mandates or require contractors to set hiring goals, it does require federal contractors and subcontractors to: • Update Contracts. Contractors must update the equal opportunity clause in new or modified subcontracts and purchase orders to include sexu ... « Read More »

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