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Diversity at Hamilton Sundstrand

Diversity at Hamilton Sundstrand

UTC is a company that thrives on innovation.

Innovative thinking requires open minds and a willingness throughout the company to welcome new ideas and different points of view. We actively embrace diversity within the company - both in the workforce and in the way we approach problems. We believe that a rich mixture of cultures within the company enriches us all.

"To attract, motivate, and retain the best talent in today's highly competitive and global business environment, we must have a working environment where the best employees and ideas are recognized, regardless of a person's gender, race, background, experiences, beliefs or style. We at Hamilton Sundstrand are committed to creating and fostering such a workplace. Our goal is to have such an inclusive environment that embracing diversity is no longer seen as an initiative or commitment, but just what we do."  Tatsuo Shirane, Vice-President, Human Resources and Communications