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Cal State - SOARS Program

Cal State - SOARS Program

Student Outreach and Recruitment Services (SOARS)

Student Outreach and Recruitment Services provides outreach, recruitment and informational services primarily to secondary school students and community college students. Services include information, recruitment, testing, individual and group tours,  admissions and pre-enrollment advisement aimed at undergraduate students. Student Outreach and Recruitment Services serves as the clearinghouse for all prospective student inquiries and also oversees the campus Student Services Information Desk (the hub for campus information). Student Outreach and Recruitment Services also administers pre-collegiate programs for middle and high school students, elementary school students and parents.

If you are a prospective student seeking information about California State University, Northridge please visit our Prospective Matadors Page. You will receive an information packet within 5 working days either via email or U.S. postal mail.

If you are looking to apply to California State University, Northridge, the fastest way to apply is through the CSUMentor Web site. This site will also provide you with application deadlines, financial aid information and other valuable information you may be seeking as a prospective student. Log on to today!

Below you will find our Department Listing and Staff Directory to learn more about the leadership and areas of responsibility within Student Outreach and Recruitment Services.

You can also obtain information from the following departments by visiting their web sites: