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Pratt & Whitney - Corporate Responsibility

Pratt & Whitney - Corporate Responsibility

We're the company NEXT door - giving back to our neighbors and communities, sustaining an inclusive, safe workplace and striving to minimize the impact of our products, services and operations on the environment.


UTC and Pratt & Whitney know that successful businesses improve the human condition. This guides our interactions with communities around the world. Last year, UTC contributed more than $20 million to nonprofit organizations in 34 countries. We encourage our employees to volunteer in community events. Each year, Pratt & Whitney volunteers contribute thousands of volunteer hours to local charities. We also offer volunteer grants to help employees fund projects at local nonprofit agencies.


  Pratt & Whitney is committed to leading the way in the aerospace industry. Critical to our success is our ability to build and maintain an inclusive work environment and diverse workforce that maximizes potential and drives innovation. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest, from the broadest talent pool possible to serve both our domestic and global customers.

Environment Pratt & Whitney is committed to environmental responsibility and is leading the way in developing and powering next generation propulsion systems that focus on reducing all aspects of environmental impact including manufacturing, engine performance and service.

Health and Safety Pratt & Whitney will not be satisfied until its workplace is safe from hazards, its employees are injury-free, its products and services are safe, and its commitment to and record in compliance, pollution prevention, and protection of the natural environment are unmatched.

Ethics Pratt & Whitney is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards throughout its business operations. Ethics is a fundamental value at Pratt & Whitney, and UTC’s Code of Ethics (the "Code") forms the foundation of our ethical culture.

Quality Pratt & Whitney is committed to being the world-class provider of dependable engines, propulsion systems, parts and services that meet customer expectations. Quality, compliance to requirements and continuous improvement are key in all that we do. Click on the link shown below to View The Power of Green Video