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Harris Hires Military and Veterans

Harris Hires Military and Veterans

For more than 50 years, Harris Corporation has supported our active military and veterans whose tremendous contributions and sacrifices keep our nation – and the world – safe. The company and our employees remain committed to helping these brave men and women both on the battlefield and when they return home, where their training, experience and skills further strengthen our country as they re-enter the workforce.

Active and former military members have our deep gratitude, and we are proud to call many of them Harris employees. About 15 percent of new employees hired in 2016 are veterans, and we have hired almost 2,000 veterans since 2010.

Harris supports veterans and advocacy groups through volunteer events, financial gifts and grants from the Harris Employees Actively Responding Together (HEART) program. The company and our employees have contributed financially and held hundreds of volunteer events in locations across the United States in support of veterans.