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18 03-23-2017  Portland  Oregon  Sr Account Executive, State & Government Partnerships (Southeast)   Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)
17 03-23-2017  New York  New York  Body Imaging Radiologist   Columbia University
33 03-22-2017  Sacramento  Calfifornia  Professor - Neurological Surgery - Spine   University of California - Davis
42 03-21-2017  Amherst  Massachusetts  Psychiatric Registered Nurse Referral Coordinator   University of Massachusetts Amherst
49 03-21-2017  State College  Pennsylvania  Student Advocacy Specialist 4   Penn State University
50 03-21-2017  Greeley  Colorado  Assistant Dean and Director, Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute   University of Northern Colorado
95 03-17-2017  Portland  Oregon  Director, Reporting and Analytics   Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)
83 03-17-2017  Richmond  Virginia  ADVENTURE LEADERSHIP AND TEAMBUILDING COORDINATOR(Anticipated Opening)   Virginia Commonwealth University
91 03-17-2017  Richmond  Virginia  ATHLETIC TRAINER(Anticipated Opening)   Virginia Commonwealth University
83 03-17-2017  Richmond  Virginia  INTRAMURAL SPORTS COORDINATOR (Anticipated Opening)   Virginia Commonwealth University
88 03-17-2017  Storrs  Connecticut  Social and Emerging Media Manager (Publicity/Marketing Manager), UCP 7   University of Connecticut
103 03-16-2017  Pittsburgh  PA  Assistant Vice President/Director of Admission for Graduate Enrollment   Chatham University
91 03-16-2017  Charlottesville  Virginia  Chief Financial Officer & Assistant Treasurer   University of Virginia
103 03-15-2017  Riverside  California  Assistant Professor, Geography   Riverside Community College District
121 03-14-2017  Grand Rapids  Michigan  Laboratory Services Manager   Calvin College
118 03-13-2017  Columbus  Indiana  Lecturer in Biology   Indiana University - Purdue University Columbus
205 03-03-2017  Reno  Nevada  Geosciences Librarian   University of Nevada, Reno
209 03-02-2017  Williamsburg  Virginia  Visiting Assistant Professor   College of William and Mary
293 02-28-2017  San Diego  California  Assistant Teaching Professor   University of California - San Diego
241 02-28-2017  Madison  Wisconsin  Director of Diverse Alumni Engagement   Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association
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