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Sourcing qualified diverse candidates is tough business - but you know that!'s "Discover Me Diversity" is an industry exclusive workplace diversity recruitment program for enabling the recruiter and job seeker to meet online easier and conveniently.

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  • Training and Development Manager


      As a Business Development, Education, Hospitality and Retail Operations Management professional, I p ...

    Tampa Florida « Read More »
  • life coach, health and wellness coach, motivational speaker

    Dr. Neal Blaxberg

    Radical Life Coaching is designed to help clients achieve greatly improved physical health and a balanced and sharp mind and spirit. I am a certified coach and retired natural health care provider with thirty years of experience. Client ...

    Baltimore, Maryland « Read More »
  • Human Resource Generalist

    Stephanie Deas

    Dedicated and diverse applicant skilled in both Human Resources and Office Management. Seeking to fill a niche within a company that will help the organization to fulfill its goal of hiring and retaining the most qualified and dedicated ...

    Cherry Hill, NJ « Read More »
  • Marketing


    Marketing, Communications, Coordination, Events, Branding Successful marketing professional with experience with mailers, flyers, database client maintenance, trade shows, events. coordination of meetings and presentations.

    MO « Read More »
  • diversity and inclusion


    An aspiring diversity and inclusion professional. A dedicated worker with a background in diversity and inclusion programs designed to support and educate. Has worked with people from diverse backgrounds including ethnic, racial, socioec ...

    Palo Alto, CA « Read More »
  • Legal Secretary, Legal Administration


    I successfully completed National Diploma: Public Management at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and LLB (Bachelor of Laws) at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa

    Anywhere in USA « Read More »
  • restaurant, retail,housekeeping, food service,county job

    Mary Ann Tucker

    I am 38 year old always worked in the fast food service as well in a hospital in the cafeteria and in the main kitchen. i got some experience in retail working second-hands store. I also got experience in cashier when I used to worked fo ...

    Cleveland, Ohio « Read More »
  • Director, Manager of Operations, Manager, Senior Project Manager, Program Director

    Tiffany DeGraffenreidt

    Visionary, outcome-oriented MBA leveraging robust, progressive career overseeing program operations, critical projects, and cross-functional teams for future-f ...

    Charlotte « Read More »
  • any job open

    Brandon Lawrence

    construction,roofing,housekeeping,landscaping,vehicle detailing & etc. jobs just need A chance to show my work ethics.

    Killeen « Read More »
  • Human Resources

    Terri Cox

    Seasoned, accomplished and experienced Sr. Human Resource Management Professional. Rapid promotion and increasing authority in roles as an HR Generalist, HR Manager, and HR Director for Fortune companies including Warner Bros., Walgreens ...

    Atlanta, GA « Read More »
  • Logistics Analyst


    I am an expert in transportation logistics with an extensive background at all levels of the supply chain my experience and sound judgment, combined with my proficient management skills, would make me an excellent candidate for the positio ...

    NJ « Read More »
  • Account Manager


    Seeking a company and position in which Being of service, matters. And being of value with internal and external customers which allows me to be a valuable contribution to your organization’s future projects and initiatives. TOP-PERF ...

    WA « Read More »
  • Product Manager, Project Manager


    I have experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Licensing, Project Management and Account Management. Ideally, I'd love to use my knowledge in these areas and help guide products from conception to release/manufacture. I am open t ...

    IL « Read More »
  • administrative assistant


    Having a clear vision for excellent outcomes, I am effectively cooperative, self-regualed, creative and enthusiastic. I have experience with research teams and presentation of its findings, drafting of memos and lesson plans, and adminis ...

    new york city, NY « Read More »
  • Part time concierge weekdays


    I have worked as a Concierge for an Independent Living Building for Seniors in Newton, Ma.02460. I am also a care giver to Seniors and a licensed Massage Therapist as well as worked as An Aquatics Director running Water exercise classes and ...

    Boston, Mass « Read More »