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Sourcing qualified diverse candidates is tough business - but you know that!'s "Discover Me Diversity" is an industry exclusive workplace diversity recruitment program for enabling the recruiter and job seeker to meet online easier and conveniently.

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  • Sales Management


    Seeking a position where Diversity and Professionalism is the work culture. I have over 15 yrs of sales training,management,development and marketing and would like to find my next opportunity to utilize my skills and experience. ...

    DePere, WI « Read More »
  • mri technologist


    MRI Technologist

    texas « Read More »
  • Media Coordinator


    I am looking for Coordinator and Mid-Management positions. I am a fairly new resident of New York looking to further expand my experience in media. I have an extensive background in entertainment media, and looking to continue my curren ...

    NY « Read More »
  • Project Manager

    Cynthia Patterson

    Results oriented, highly motivated, outgoing professional offering 6 years of educational background and internships plus an additional 14 years of solid, hands-on expertise in a variety of facets of the industry. Verifiable track rec ...

    Louisville, KY « Read More »
  • Senior Sales Supervisor,Marketing Specialist,Sales Manager,Account Executive

    Robert Austin-Onwordi

    I am a highly motivated sales professional with a strong background in sales and marketing for 8 years. I am a strong communicator and negotiator,strategic planner and problem solver. I am currently seeking a leadership position to make ...

    Nigeria « Read More »
  • Entry Level Marketing Entry Level Engineer,


    I am a team player, blending strong business fundamentals with a healthy, collaborative attitude. I go the extra mile to add value, in every project. I am open to challenges and sincere in my efforts, as well as a good communicator, w ...

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma « Read More »
  • OSP engineer


    C&G electronics ETA FOT 20 Years technical experience 5 Years supervisory/managerial experience

    st thomas « Read More »
  • web developer, .net developer, java developer


    I am an enthusiastic, determined and high-achieving professional with over 13 years of experience within the software development industry. I have exceptional technical and analytical skills, and believe with my skills coupled with exper ...

    Miami « Read More »
  • Planner, buyer, supply chain, warehouse

    Oscar Arochi


    Sarasota « Read More »
  • Logistics Analist, Transportation Supervisor, Airport Catering Manager, Diversity Outreach Executive

    Paul Mauricio Dominguez

    Customer Service Trilingual English-Spanish-Portuguese Executive with a strong food and beverage logistics background: hospitality, catering management, offers his continuous improvement vision to work together with a diversity inclined ...

    Minneapolis, MN « Read More »
  • VP IT Service Delivery


    Leadership position to drive technical solutions to business problems. Strategic & Tactical IT Leader Experienced in Healthcare, Manufacturing and BPO/ITO.

    MI « Read More »
  • Human Resource Generalist

    Stephanie Deas

    Dedicated and diverse applicant skilled in both Human Resources and Office Management. Seeking to fill a niche within a company that will help the organization to fulfill its goal of hiring and retaining the most qualified and dedicated ...

    Cherry Hill, NJ « Read More »
  • Marketing


    Marketing, Communications, Coordination, Events, Branding Successful marketing professional with experience with mailers, flyers, database client maintenance, trade shows, events. coordination of meetings and presentations.

    MO « Read More »
  • phlebotomist

    Danielle Gwaltney

    1.)Has successfully completed Medical Terminology, Psychology, Computers, Sociology and English courses 2.)Assigned to clients applying for life insurance 3.)Print out daily schedule from home and gather kits and supplies pertaining to ex ...

    east earl, pa « Read More »
  • QA Engineer Web Applications


    Constantly striving towards self development; improvement, Accountability, precision, loyalty towards the current and previous occupied positions; Supreme organization of the working process, team worker; have also worked in solo capacit ...

    Atlanta, GA « Read More »