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donna sweesy

donna sweesy
diversity bee
management, human resource

-- BUSINESS MANAGER | HUMAN RESOURCE SPECIALIST | EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR -- -- GENERAL MANAGER | REGIONAL MANAGER-- QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE Highly motivated, knowledgeable, and quality-focused professional offering extensive years of cross-industry experience across business management with strong track record of managing cross-functional teams that collaborate as a focused unit to achieve business goals. Exhibited strong focus on achieving revenue and market share growth, along with extensive background in negotiating and managing vendor and service contracts. Exceptional capacity in analyzing business processes, systems, and procedures to identify problematic areas, institute tangible improvements, mitigate risk, and uphold compliance with industry and internal guidelines. Proven efficiency in completing multiple tasks in an accurate and timely manner. Accustomed to relating well with individuals at all levels and with diverse cultures and backgrounds within a highly stressful and challenging environment. Expert in development and implementation of project improvement that affect accomplishment. Articulate communicator with fluency in English language and working knowledge in Spanish. Display proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Outlook). CORE STRENGTHS * Strategic and Tactical Planning * Business Development * Sales and Marketing * Operations Management * Project Management * General Accounting * Customer Relation Management * Decision Support System * Technology Development * Key Partnership Development * Organizational Development * Decision and Risk Analysis CAREER OVERVIEW * Oversaw the overall aspects of daily operations, including budget-control, inventory, purchasing, scheduling maintenance, and accounting. * Established retail advertising and promotions, while maintaining within budgetary guidelines. * Instructed classes of 25 students and provided classroom theory and practical training. * Successfully maintained more than 90% of attendance continuously throughout the 2004 tenure. * Provided expert support for the students in developing marketing strategy to gain and retain clientele. * Assumed full responsibility in managing the budget, ordering, and inventory control of the department. * Performed various technical functions, such as posting daily grades and finals at the end of a 6-week curriculum utilizing Microsoft Publisher, Excel, and Word. * Educated more than 25 students with classroom theory through practical training and assist student throughout the learning process. * Administered classroom management; performed attendance checking to ensure above satisfactory numbers in attendance; ordered curriculum supplies under budget constraints; and arranged classroom supplies * Coordinated with speakers to present talk to students on what to expect in the industry. * Performed and coordinated human resource issues associated with hiring and scheduling employees, and administering bi-weekly payroll. * Provided exceptional customer service through telephone and in person. * Remarkably boosted sales by 445% in a couple of years of tenure. * Commended for earning more than eight-time Teacher of the Month in the last couple years and one-time Teacher of the Year. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE EMPIRE BEAUTY SCHOOL (EMPIRE EDUCATION GROUP) * HANOVER, PA Educator (Vocational and Night Students) 2003-2011 THE CLOTHES BASKET LAUNDRY * GETTYSBURG, PA Owner/Managing Director * Active 1985-2003 * GENERAL MANAGER 2003-PRESENT 1985-Present CREDENTIALS Teacher of Cosmetology License HEADHUNTERS BEAUTY ACADEMY * HARRISBURG, PA Completed the Vocational I Certification MAIN CAMPUS STATE COLLEGE PENNSYLVANIA Vocational II Certification (52 credits completed over 63) (Relevant Coursework: College Algebra, Economics, American Education, Speech, and English) Vocation I Certificate Certificate of

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