The America We Know, No Longer Exists?

Yesterday on the Laura Ingraham show, she stated that “The America we know, no longer exists“. What? Then she continued by saying that LEGAL and illegal immigration was the cause of America’s changing demographics. What was the message she was trying to get across? Who was she talking to, the Trump base? 
Why would legal immigration be the cause? Could it be that areas of our country that never saw people of color before, are now seeing people of color? Why is that so bad? Haven’t there been countless reports that show diversity is good for the country? Don’t diverse perspectives and backgrounds bring about different thoughts and ideas? I was always told that diversity was a good thing.

calling the police on black people
calling the police on black people

Why does the right feel like it is OK to be ugly to people of color? The constant bad mouthing of black and brown people have been normalized by this White House. The ugly talk by 45 gives license to others to speak negatively of black and brown people. To call the police when people feel that a black or brown person is in a place they shouldn’t be or shouldn’t be doing; Permit Patty and BBQ Becky just to name a few.

Is An America Without Diversity, The America You Want?

Culture makes life exciting. And because people have different experiences and thought processes and get new and innovative ideas.

Not everyone agrees with Ms. Graham’s comments. For example, an independent writer, Mr.Jim Kline, made these comments regarding the “The America We Know, No Longer Exists” Mr.Kline said “I would like to remind her — and others who think like her — that there was a time in this country when “broads” could not vote, a “papist” could not be elected president, and “the darkies” knew their place. Thank goodness that America does NOT exist anymore.

Years ago, while on playground duty at an elementary school, I watched a very young Hispanic boy cautiously approach a group of children kicking a soccer ball. “Me play? Me play?” he asked the others.

I smiled as I realized that in a very short time, his comment would become, “Can I play? I’m pretty good!” And, as immigrant children throughout our nation’s history have done, his earlier hesitancy would disappear, and a confident child would shout, in perfect English, “Come on guys! I’ve got the ball. Let’s get a game going and show them what we can do.”

That process of Americanization continues to this day, and it is what made our nation almost unique in the world. Diverse races, nationalities, religions, and cultures would blend together into the rich tapestry that is the United States today.

Mr.Jim Kline


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