America White Again

America White Again
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) slammed President Donald Trump’s immigration framework, calling it part of a “campaign to make America white again.” She nailed it. On Friday,January 26, Ms. Pelosi stated wrote in a statement, Dreamers are hostage to a hateful anti-immigrant scheme,” Pelosi wrote in a statement on Friday. “The 50 percent cut to legal immigration in the framework and the recent announcements to end Temporary Protected Status for Central Americans and Haitians are both part of the same cruel agenda. They are part of the Trump administration’s unmistakable campaign to make America white again.”

Not everyone agrees -take Sen. Joe Manchin ( W-WV )

Make America White Again?

An opinion by James Q Whitman wrote on 1/17/18 in an article published by MarketWatch – “Opinion Trump’s quest to make America white again

“With vulgar comments, Trump yearns for return to sordid, hateful past”

America White Again
America White Again

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (Project Syndicate) — “See if you can guess the author of this quote: “The American Union feels itself to be a Nordic-German state and by no means an international porridge of peoples. This is revealed by its immigration quotas … Scandinavians … then Englishmen and finally Germans have been accorded the largest contingent.”

Those words were written by Adolf Hitler in 1928, in praise of American immigration laws at the time. To be sure, references to Hitler should not be invoked lightly. For all the ugly things coming out of President Donald Trump’s White House, not least his denigration of Haiti, El Salvador, and African states as “shithole countries”, the United States is still a long way from resembling Nazi Germany.

America White Again
America White Again

Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries have confirmed once and for all that his administration’s immigration policy agenda is driven largely by racial animus. The last time the U.S. took such an approach, it was applauded by none other than Adolf Hitler.

Trump is a knee jerk authoritarian and a throwback to the old days of white supremacy in America, but many more institutional checks would have to fail before he could bring about the end of American democracy. And even with respect to immigration policy, there is a profound difference between the Trump administration’s mass deportations, however cruel and stupid, and mass murder.


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