Job Posting – Attract Better Candidates – part 1

Attracting the best diverse candidates using better written job posting provide a larger hiring pool while increasing the overall diversity of your company. As you establish yourself as a company that appreciates diversity, more candidates may submit their application materials. The diversity strengthens your work force by providing experience and background knowledge from different perspectives. Changes to your job advertisement and recruitment methods enable you to reach more candidates from diverse backgrounds. As the diversity of your candidate pool expands, focus on the qualifications of the candidates to make your hiring decision.

Better Job Posting
Better Job Postings

Not long ago ( circa 1980-1990 ), the process for identifying diversity candidates ( translated : people of color )  was to ask existing employees for a referral,or teaming with national African American  associations,universities and/or  appearing at diversity job fairs. As recently as 10 years ago the motivation for seeking out diverse candidates was fueled by fear and anxiety a company would be subjected to an EEO compliance audit  because the company , who won federal contracts which clearly articulated the contractors obligation to hire minorities, were not extending recruitment outside their normal communities.  Many corporations to this day, continue to “skate” on implementing diversity recruiting programs dictated by the terms of a contract awarded by either a city,state or federal program office.  I imagine these employers could claim ignorance of their responsibilities even though the existence of EEO laws regarding attracting,hiring and retaining minorities and women is fairly common knowledge. A certain high end retailer claims the reason employee diversity in their showrooms is because they hire actors who are able to protray a certain air  of collegiate sophistication. You might find a scarcity of waiters and waitresses attending to your needs at 3-5 star restaurants.

Popular methods for Job Posting

Job Posting Attract Better Candidate
Job Postings Attract Better Candidates

One very popular method for attracting diverse candidates defined as individuals representing various  under served groups such as, veterans,women,elderly,disabled, african americans, latinos, native americans,lgbt and others, is to publish descriptions of jobs open at your corporation or organization.

The difference between attracting  mediocre candidates and extraordinary candidates for your organization is an outstanding job posting. The following tips are applicable to attracting all levels of job seekers ranging from recent graduates to boardroom executives. I have added, in a few cases, a couple twists and turns more applicable to either a particular diversity group.  Basically, a job posting template should include the following information, at minimum: job title, description,qualifications,compensation/benefits,employer description,general comments,location,how to apply instructions.

Better Job Posting Attract Better Candidate
Better Job Postings Attract Better Candidates

About 75 -80 % of the jobs posted to our site,, are jobs currently appearing on the employer’s web site. In most every case, the job posting text is provided to the IT department by the HR department. Mostly all employers with 300 or more employees utilized some variation of an IT human resources platform that generates a separate page identifier -URL- for each job. Unique job identifiers such as a URL is very helpful for both the recruiter and the job seeker. Recruiters can determine in short order how much activity is associated with which URLs and speed is important since recruiters are often juggling many open job requests. Hiring managers are impatient and are known to harass recruiters for information on possible candidate activity. Job seekers spend even less time than recruiters in scanning online job postings. It’s reported in some circles recruiters spend on average about 20 seconds viewing a hard copy resume and it’s said job seekers spend about 5 seconds. Wow.


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