Black Farmers Sold Fake Seeds!

Earlier this month, a group of black farmers cited that the Stine Seed Company sold them fake seeds. The farmers have filed a lawsuit against the company that they believe sold them the fake soybean seeds. The farmers purchase the seeds at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in March 2017. Many farmers purchased their seeds from Stine Seed Company, but only the black farmers’ seeds didn’t produce product. Black farmers spent more than $200,000 buying Stine Seeds and chemicals, expecting to produce 70 to 100 bushels of soybeans; they were only producing 5 to 7 bushels of soybeans with the Stine Seeds. The farmers took their seeds to seed experts at Mississippi State University to be tested. The results, the seeds were not the Stine certified seeds.

This Is Not New For Black Farmers.

According to the president of Black Farmers and Agriculturalist Association, Thomas Burrell, this is nothing new. He continued that 80 years ago there were a million black farmers, today only about 5,000. So what happened to all the black farmers? Burrell believes that the competitive business of farming and the discrimination in not providing the needed loans for farmers to survive caused the demise of farmers. These tactics caused farmers to not be able to farmer and make money; thus losing their property.

So What Now?

Black Farmers
The farmers have filed a class-action lawsuit in the Western District Court of Tennessee, against Stine Seed Company, the largest genetic seed trait manufacturer in the world. Rep G.A. Hardaway said he will fight to get the state to investigate Stine and the allegations.

The President of Stine Seed Company said that the allegations from the farmers are without merit and factually unsupported.

I guess we will have to follow this case to see what and who turns out to be telling the truth.


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