When Did “Diversity” Become A Bad Word?

DiversityIn the early 1990’s, there was a push in Corporate America to hire more non-white males. Since then corporations have made a point to become more diverse. But in the last year, there has been a change in the attitude of our country. There is a struggle against diversity and inclusion, and a fight for separation and bullying.  We see this more and more with discrimination lawsuits from White and Asian males.  Case in point, Google is being sued by former employees for discriminating against hiring white and Asian men.

But Has The Diversity Push Changed Anything?

No! In 2018, we are still seeing corporations “talk about” pushing Diversity and Inclusion in their companies. According to TheVerge.com, as of 2017, 91% of Google employees were of white and Asian men. Ironic huh… And many companies are still struggling to hire qualified employees from diverse backgrounds. But we have been working on this for over 20 years with little change. So, what is the problem? Why haven’t we seen the change in corporate diversity numbers? Will we see change in Diversity numbers? Not likely.



Today it is OK to discriminate against those who don’t look like or think like the person in charge.  We see this with Georgia’s retaliation against Delta Airlines for discontinuing the NRA’s discount.  We see this in lawsuits against universities like Harvard and Memphis where white males are feeling discriminated against.

As a minority, we do not want hand outs or to be hired for positions that we are not qualified for.  What we do want is to be considered, to be allowed in the room;  that is all we are asking for and ever wanted!


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