Diversity – What Is Google Saying ?

Google released its annual diversity report last week, and the numbers haven’t changed much from last year. While blacks, hispanics and women hiring barely rose with an increase of just 0.1 percent; the Asian presence rose over 1.6 percent, the biggest increase at Google. Google is not alone in its fight for diversity. Many firms in the Silicon Valley are struggling to increase diversity in their workforce. Most companies are seeing little to no progress.

Diversity - What Is Google Saying

Is Google Pulling A Comey ?

Last week’s DOJ release its report on the 2016 Election and the actions of James Comey. It looks like the behavior of James Comey to prove he was not on the side of Hilary Clinton, ultimately sabotaged her campaign. He made a public point of proving he was not supporting her.  Is this what Google did to the Black Lives Do Matter book, by Earl Ofari Hutchinson; by banning the advertising for the book? The book discusses the social and racial violence against black and brown people in America today. Hutchinson and civil rights leaders believe Google’s ban on the book is an apology to Trump and conservatives for firing the right wing writer James Damore.

Diversity - What Is Google Saying
Diversity – What Is Google Saying

Pick A Side Google!

Either you will be on the side of inclusion and diversity or you will be against it. It is not enough anymore to straddle the fence.  With the needle barley moving on Google’s diversity hiring practices; the banning of promotional advertisement for the Black Lives Do Matter book and the firing of James Damore; Google is teetering on the side of Trump.  Maybe Google just doesn’t know better.  When you only employee 2.5 percent black people and 3.6 percent hispanic, you may not realize the impact of your actions to those people.

This is why there needs to be more diverse voices at the table!


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