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job posting visibilityToday you post a job on a career website that boast zillions of visitors. Your job posting visibility on search result pages is on the top of page 1. Fabulous! Next day your job posting visibility slips to top of results page 2 because new postings push your posting down. Ok. Still good job visibility. On day 3 your posting is not shown in search results at all – zero posting visibility. Chances are the number of new postings received late on day 2 pushed your job posting further deeper in their database. Your job posting is still on the website except now the job posting visibility is sliding downward daily. BTW -The website is still getting zillions of visitors except those zillions are not going to see your posting. Your posting is still included in the job results except on day 3 the posting is appears on search results page 25 or higher. There is one exception to this aging pattern. If you take advantage of a “free posting” it may never appear at all. Try finding it anytime after day 1. In fact,even on day 1 of posting, I bet you lunch you won’t find it.

OMG – What’s going on?

job posting visibility
job posting visibility

Your job posting visibility is being subjected to aging. You may have thought buying a 30 day posting meant, of course, your job posting visibility would be consistent throughout the month. Most recruiters know candidates seldom look beyond page 1 or page 2 of search results and, as such, your posting might as well not appear at all if not on results page 1 or 2. How does job posting visibility aging works. Let’s use an analogy of your job posting as being a bag of potato chips on the shelf at your favorite grocery. Ok. on day 1 the potato chip distributor delivers a fresh bags of potato chips. New bags of chips are daily so on day 2 they place new bags of chips on the shelf. Here’s the difference. The second batch of chips get placed in front of the ones delivered the day before. Aah .. You see what is happening. On day 3 your day 1 chips are pushed further back on the shelf. Well by day 15 it’s a good chance day 1 chips are stale. Sorry if my analogy was a bit hokey – even salty -but you get the idea. The major career boards advertise on television they attract zillions of visitors and some say they post on over 100 partner job boards. The only issue is your job posting visibility on day 29 of a 30 day posting is almost zero. The next day,day 30, your job posting visibility is absolutely zero. Your posting is now a resident of a posting graveyard.Your option is to re-post the job and restart the aging cycle or hope the applications you received includes one from a qualified candidate.

Diversity.com Postings – Never Grow Old.

job posting visibility
job posting visibility

Years ago, we discovered you could write intelligent software that recognizes the priority of maintaining the highest job posting visibility for featured clients. Notice I said featured clients (employers ) since these are companies who have a direct purchase relationship with Diversity.com. Non-featured jobs on Diversity.com number in the tens of thousands received daily from our partner sources. So, using my hokey analogy, our day 1 chips always appear on front of the shelf. Diversity.com’s intelligent software programs guarantee jobs posted on day 1 appear on results page 1 on 2 on day 30. Guaranteed!
How can we guaranteed consistent highest job posting visibility? Call us at 706-835-1330 and we’ll gladly talk potato chips.


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