Good Old Boys

Who has not heard the term good old boys ? It’s a commonly used American slang that can have both positive and negative meanings depending on context and use.  A formal definition of good old boy would include words such as “a man who embodies some or all of the qualities considered characteristic of many white men of the southern US.

Good Old Boy Network – Real world

The good old boys network is essentially cronyism; the awarding of jobs to friends or people you know, regardless of whether or not they are the most qualified candidate. People typically think of cronyism as an issue with government, but it runs rampant in the business world as well. Another aspect of the good old boy network is nepotism, the hiring of unqualified family members. We’ve all seen this, the all-too typical case of an executive handing out a highly sought after management role to one of their kids, who has no previous experience, education or abilities even closely relevant to the role they were just awarded.

Diversity Jobs Good Old Boys
Diversity Jobs Good Old Boys

Accept the fact good old boys networks exist everywhere – in all industries and at all levels. Take our White House for example. Very possible the hiring process at the White House is based on the good old boy system.  The White House is staffed, primarily with white males. The White House Cabinet are mostly white millionaires and billionaire males. Co-incidence. No – not really – it’s very possibly the good old boys network is governing our country. U-betcha.

A recent case of potential good old boy hiring might a former White House staffer – Mr. Rob Porter.The former assistant to the President and alleged wife abuser. His personal profile /photo shows is white male, graduate of Harvard University and a Rhodes Scholar. An extremely bright guy.The question is not whether he was qualified for the job. Apparently he was well qualified since President Trump and others have proclaimed his accomplishments. The question is: was he interviewed and hired based on his exemplary resume solely OR /AND was the final hiring decision was capped by hid viewed as a good old boy too.My point? Good old boys are interviewed and hired all the time. Notice the emphasis on “boys ”. No girls allowed.


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