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Diversity Jobs
The statement open until filled is shown in most academic job postings for many diversity jobs. That’s smart considering how most academic openings require extensive education and work experience history. Few corporate employers include the statement open until filled in their job descriptions. I suppose corporate employers feel confident they will fill the job quickly and thus, there is no need to say open until filled. Hope might spring eternal but a 30 day job posting lasts 30 days! I suspect hiring managers would agree to adding the statement except the human resources department is normally in charge of what can and cannot be included in a job description. Too bad. The existence of open until filled statements can provide benefits to the employer and candidate.

Diversity Jobs Open Until Filled
Diversity Jobs Open Until Filled

Diversity Jobs Open Until Filled – Our recommendations

1: Include the statement – open until filled– in the job description section containing content describing how to apply.

2: Be specific in describing what application documents are required at the moment an application is submitted. State what follow up documents may be requested and if post hire action such as drug testing may be requested.

3: Show a date when reviews of applications will begin and how long reviews will continue such as open until filled.

4: Showing a start date and work location is a good idea. Typically higher education organizations can forecast start dates based on a school calendar. Corporate employers post openings to hire and the start date is nearly simultaneous. Diversity recruiting to build and maintain a candidate pipeline is one those topics discussed but rarely implemented.At Diversity.com the cost to maintain a general job posting everyday is less than $4 bucks – less than a grande latte. ( No calories 0

5:Think about it. Does it make sense to advertise ( post a job for single month ) and include the statement –open until filled- only to have the advertisement expire and removed from the career site two weeks later. At Diversity.com ..the difference between posting for 30 days and 60 days is $30 ( One additional dollar per day !)

6: Get a grip. Your organization needs to attract and hire diverse professionals,faculty,management and executives more than they need you. Oh- you disagree. Continue not having an aggressive diversity outreach and time will tell. Your competitors are hoping you continue to ponder whether diversity outreach is a worthwhile activity.


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