Diversity Postings – Good, Bad, Ugly

Diversity postings – good, bad, ugly is how someone might judge the quality of any job posting. The fact a job opening is being advertised is clearly a good deed. Here are some other good practices:

good, bad, ugly

Good Practices

1:The posting appears for more than 30 days. A longer duration allows passive job seekers time to consider submitting an application.
2: The very first paragraph of the job description provides a summary describing how important the position and new hire is to the organization
3: The second paragraph describes the major duties and tasks associated with the position.
4: The qualifications section describes the minimum requirements and preferred requirements to qualify
5: The how to apply section contains either a direct link URL, an email address to send required documents

Bad Practices

The “bad” aspects of diversity postings -good, bad, ugly, appears when only a few or none of the “good” indicators exist.

1:The absence of comments describing compensation,benefits or company culture.
2:Posting minimum requirements only a Super Hero might meet.
3:Posting a drop dead date of when the employer will cease accepting applications.

Ugly Practices
The ugly aspect of poor quality postings includes:

!:Allowing HR coordinators decide which career board to use for posting jobs.
2:Not educating HR job posters copying then pasting content is THE worst method for posting content
3:Posting a job then not verifying the how to apply links are actually working.
4:Buying into the popular attitude posting on “X times ” job boards is superior to posting on a single board.
5:Not taking advantage of the career board’s offer to post your job as a free service.

In summary,a job posting is an advertisement describing your work environment, the responsibilities of the position and how a new employee might
find the position meaningful. The job posting is also a statement to job seekers on how your company welcomes and respects applications from diverse men and women.

Good, Bad, Ugly

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