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Two black men were arrested while sitting in Starbucks waiting for a friend to join them.The reason? A Starbuck’s employee called police because the men had not ordered anything, had used the restroom and were sitting at a table. Consequently,the employee determined the two men were loitering.

What Happen Next at Starbucks ?


Did an employee approach the two men and ask if they wished to order or to offer assistance? No.It was obvious two well groomed black men sitting quietly at a table were “loitering”. Solution: Call the police- Six to arrest two men. Oh. were there other people nearby ? – yes,in fact several white people sitting quietly at tables,using their computers,mentally pondering the Universe were within arms reach. However, many white people did protest to police asking why these men were being handcuffed.. The friend these men were waiting to join them arrived to see them being handcuffed.

Protests infront of Starbucks
Protests infront of Starbucks

Police across the country just can’t seem to break out their M.O. of enforcing and reinforcing this country’s longstanding, irrational fear of black bodies. Simply being Black or Hispanic while breathing,standing,sitting,sleeping,walking, not drinking coffee is adequate justification for being arrested. The Philadelphia Chief of Police defended the police officers as being legal and justified. They had been asked by a business to remove two individuals from their premises.The officers obliged. No joke. Thank God the two men did not object to being harassed. They knew objecting could result in being beaten badly, arrested for a host of reasons and possibly dying at the scene.

Arrested while Black or Hispanic
Happens daily in America. White people who doubt racial profiling is ever present and growing in intensity as, America Becomes Great Again, are in for a big surprise. Wait.. being identified as a Jew or a well educated white women is only one re-election away.

Breaking news:

Supposedly the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office declined to arraign and both men were released from the 9th Precinct at 2 AM. – April 13. BTW – Philadelphia prides itself nationwide as “The city of brotherly love”. Imagine that.

The Starbuck Corporation response:
On Twitter : Starbucks Corporate stated:
We apologize to the two individuals and our customers for what took place at our Philadelphia store on Thursday. ( April 13 )

Starbucks CEO – Kevin Johnson stated,” We regret that our practices and training led to the reprehensible outcome at our Philadelphia store. We’re taking immediate action to learn from this and be better”

Starbucks CEO – Kevin Johnson
Starbucks CEO – Kevin Johnson

Remember Starbucks’ “Race Together” idea a few years back? The since-destroyed concept was that baristas at the high-priced coffee-chain openly engage customers on race relations in the United States.

Ironic then, that the company is once again feeling the social-media flames and even calls for a boycott over an incident at the Philly Starbucks where two black men were racially profiled, harassed and arrested because a snotty barista wanted to flex their treacherous white privilege on them. The police, of course, readily complied.

A few years ago Starbucks promoted their store locations as Third Spaces. Huh. Yes. a Starbuck’s manager was interviewed and cited this description of Third Space.

Starbucks goal is to become the Third Place in our daily lives. (i.e. Home, Work and Starbucks) “We want to provide all the comforts of your home and office. You can sit in a nice chair, talk on your phone, look out the window, surf the web… oh, and drink coffee too,” said Kelly. (Notice she put “drink coffee” last???)

Warning ! Being Black or Hispanic could lead to being arrested. Try not to draw attention to yourself or your family. In fact, try Panera Bread instead. Panera’s motto -“You Be You.”

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