Diversity At Uber

Diversity at Uber is an oxy-moron some might say. Uber technologies Inc released it’s first report on 3/28 showing women and non-white employees are underrepresented! Diversity at Uber is on par with many other technology firms. Uber released the information after a series of revelations about it’s nearly mostly white, mostly a male, gender unfriendly culture.

Diversity At Uber
Diversity At Uber

Diversity At Uber – The Numbers

Uber’s workforce overall is comprised of 36 percent women, but that number falls to 15 percent when looking at employees with technical roles, the company said. By comparison, Alphabet Inc’s Google’s staff is 31 percent women. Twitter Inc’s is 37 percent women and messaging startup Slack’s workforce is 43 percent women, according to the companies’ websites. Half of Uber’s total workforce is white, while Asians are the second-largest ethnic group at 31 percent. Blacks make up nearly 9 percent and Hispanics account for less than 6 percent, according to the report. However, when looking at just those employees with technical jobs, only 1 percent of Uber’s staff is black and 2 percent is Hispanic.

On a day that marks Uber’s first disclosure of the gender and racial make-up of its staff, the ride-hailing company is drawing fire on social media for some of the names assigned to in-house associations. Nine employee resource groups were listed Tuesday on a webpage dedicated to diversity statistics and initiatives. These include Los Ubers for Hispanic employees, UberHUE for African-American employees and UberPRIDE for LBGTQ employees. Corporations create such groups to foster a sense of understanding and acceptance.The heading Shalom for the group for Uber’s Jewish employees. The Shalom description notes that “our goal is to make the world a little smaller, by connecting Uberettos and Jewbers from all backgrounds, encouraging collaboration and closeness from all corners of the globe.” (Uberetto is the company’s generic term for any employee.)

Diversity at Uber

“We need to do better and have much more work to do,” Liane Hornsey, Uber’s human resources chief, said in a blog post accompanying the diversity report, which was posted on Uber’s website.(Diversity At Ubar)


Bloomberg Technology

Bloomberg published an article noting most companies don’t publish data on employee retention. The rate of departures says a lot about work culture. They stated,” In fact, the more illuminating piece of data about diversity at Uber isn’t in its report at all. Retention — the percentage of each demographic group that stays at the company each year — reveals more about the hospitality of the workplace culture than the percentage of white and Asian men there overall. Most companies, including Uber and its peers in Silicon Valley, track it. They just don’t make it public.”

Uber’s Diversity Report Leaves Out the Most Important Thing


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