OpenMic Reports Silicone Valley Struggles to Hire Diversity

Despite high profile programs designed to attract more diverse candidates to join their companies OpenMic reports Silicon Valley struggles to hire diversity. The report issued by OpenMic – pointed out how Black, Latino and Native American engineers remain scarce at America’s top technology organizations.
OpenMic says Blacks and Latinos make up just 5.3 percent of the workforce at the average technology company.This ratio is roughly 16 to 18 percentage points behind their representation in the overall U.S. workforce. The disparity is even higher in senior leadership positions in tech, where an estimated 83.3 percent of executives are white. OpenMIC is a nonprofit that advocates for diverse media. The report cited Apple have only 5 executives out of 107 executives who are Black, Latino, Native American or a Pacific Islander.

Out of Sight – Out of Mind

Hire Diversity
Hire Diversity

While Asians are over represented in technology companies relative to the overall workforce, they remain underrepresented in leadership positions, the report says.
“In a country with a population growing more diverse each day, the U.S. tech community is monochromatic. “A bastion of white, male privilege,” the OpenMic states “People of color largely remain shut out of the tech industry.

Over the past five years, tech companies spent up to $1.2 billion on diversity-focused recruiting programs,but progress has been slow.
Among major technology companies, Atlassian, which has major offices in San Francisco and Austin, has the highest overall proportion of white employees in the U.S., data shows. Nearly three out of four of Atlassian’s U.S. employees are white.The OpenMic report called on investors to press companies to tie executive compensation more closely to diversity goals, and engaging white executives to address the leadership gap among minorities.

Inc. Reports Silicon Valley Makes Excuses

Last summe, Inc. stated “By spinning their failure as progress, Facebook and Google risk discouraging a generation of minority candidates from pursuing careers in tech”. Now, many individuals in the tech diversity community find themselves in a state of despair and exasperation. Employees are angry at tech companies and questioning the work that they do. The most recent sources of this frustration are Google and Facebook’s 2016 diversity reports. Both have failed to increase their representation of Hispanics and African Americans. Only marginal gains were achieved when it comes to women.

Silicone Valley Struggles to Hire Diversity
Silicone Valley Struggles to Hire Diversity


It’s been said over and over, Silicon Valley struggles to hire diversity, since it’s an industry whose idols – Steve Job, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg – are college dropouts. It celebrates meritocracy and deplores credentialism. However, when it comes to hiring a woman or person of color for a technical role, Silicon Valley erects fences to ensure they don’t “lower the bar.” It’s not enough to have the right degree and a strong résumé. You must also hail from the correct school, have previously worked for a rival company, and preferably already live in California.


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