Hiring Diverse Engineers

Istuary Innovation Group celebrates hiring diverse engineers during National Engineering Month across Canada with a commitment to increase women hires. Istuary has made significant strides in diversifying local talent with aggressive hiring across its offices since 2013. Exemplifying National Engineering Month’s theme “There’s a Place for You”, Istuary has positively improved the rate of hiring diverse engineers in their workforce.

National Engineering Month

Canada’s largest celebration of engineering excellence, where volunteers from the provincial and territorial regulators host over 500 events that show Canadians how rewarding an engineering career can truly be.
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hiring diverse engineers
hiring diverse engineers

Hiring Diverse Engineers

Jean Su, Vice President of Engineering
Jean Su, Vice President of Engineering, Innovation Labs at Istuary Innovation Group

Jean Su, Vice President of Engineering, Innovation Labs at Istuary Innovation Group, states “Diversity in the workforce is fundamental to driving fast-paced growth in tech sectors such as storage solutions, IoT security and Big Data. In order to be cutting edge, we need talented engineers who already view the world differently by being bold and already aware of global opportunities. A major piece of advice I can give to a young engineer is not to focus on just the trends but build fundamental, logical thinking. It’s not just having the skills to do the job. It’s how you think.”

Pay Well and Build Trust

In February, Mr Francois Guay, Director of Ttalent and Culture at Istuary Innovation Group, wrote an excellent article which appeared on February 22 in The Globe and Mail.
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Mr. Guay’s comments and opinions are marvelous. The article’s headline nets out, in a few words, the most winning strategy for attracting and hiring diverse engineers. Wait for it! Mr. Quay recommends “Want to attract and keep top talent? Pay well and build trust“ He goes on to state,” If you pay to market or above, what’s the real problem then? Trust. Trust is why people join a company in the first place. They believe your pitch, their friends, your recruiters, employees, and leaders. They know your brand, market competitiveness and products or services.

About Istuary Innovation Group

Istuary Innovation Group is a Canadian technology company with a mission to connect local technology to global markets through globalization for sustainable innovation. Headquartered in Vancouver, Istuary focuses on identifying and filling technology gaps in foreign markets by leveraging Canada’s world class design and engineering talent. Istuary operates in 3 countries, 24 cities, employing 1500 employees worldwide.


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