Diversity Jobs Until Filled Part 2

Diversity Jobs Until Filled Part 2 is a follow up to a previous Open Until Filled. Part 2 details some recommendations for employers to consider when
posting an open until filled job posting.

Definition : “Open until filled” means that the vacancy does not have a closing date and that applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.

Diversity.com recommendations

1: Show and tell. Post an image in your posting showing the work location or environment. Let’s say you are searching for a Director of Campus Athletics- Try showing an image such as this one. Include some brief text explaining the image and provide an active HTML link taking the viewer to more information.

Diversity Jobs Until Filled
Diversity Jobs Until Filled

2: This a BIG one. Accommodate the candidate. Don’t expect them to spend their time submitting an application without knowing their application will be acknowledged as received..You might think – if the candidates wants to be considered for the position they will do want ever is required. Maybe ‘back in the day” that opinion would be valid. Today your visitors are millenniums.They’ll go elsewhere in a heart beat.

Diversity Jobs Until Filled
Diversity Jobs Until Filled

Always include an email address in the how to apply section so a candidate can send you an email with a question or follow up on their application status. Really. You need them.\! Granted they are hoping to find a job or upgrade their employment status but to place full responsibility on them is hoping for more than you will get.

3: Take control! Don’t allow your HR ATS software provider to drive qualified candidates away. ATS technology has come a long, long way in assisting HR operations manage recruiting activity. Maybe too much. Do you really need candidates to complete survey boxes asking were they saw your posting or whether the candidate’s self identifies with a certain culture. Job postings are shared and reshuffled with other career sites to such an immense degree there is no telling where the candidate saw your posting. What does it matter anyway? No one in HR has the time to analyze the data. The ATS provider built the data collection software to help employers comply with EEO laws and make all aspects more HR friendly.The ATS provider did not take in consideration many candidates oppose being asked to self identify their diversity status.The time when employers asked if you are black,white or hispanic happened frequently was not long ago.You can bet elders have told their young to be suspicious of those questions.

Diverse candidates know EEO compliance laws require employers to report on diversity recruitment but the candidate feels that is not their problem.
If your ATS doesn’t send the candidate, who has submitted a completed application, an acknowledgement letter you may wish to add this feature to your ATS.

4: Talk is cheap. Look at your careers page and place yourself in the role of someone of color,female,gay,veteran or immigrant. Ask “would I want to work here based on what is see?. Your career page should show more than the prerequisite EEO compliance statement. Hopefully, your HR department has convinced the white haired – white male company founders and current executives not display their photos. Upgrade your career pages ( whole website ) to show images of employees who reflect the communities where you have operations.

5: The acid test.. Make sure your website passes the following test .. Enter keyword “diversity” in your website’s search box. Do you get search results with images of diverse employees, community partnerships? How about display of diversity policies and programs. If the search results describes the diversity of company services and products. Not good.Your company might consider hiring a diversity consultant.

Diversity Jobs Until Filled
Diversity Jobs Until Filled

6: Diversity Branding – There are employers who post jobs bearing the statement -open until filled-, those who do not and those who post for the minimum 30 day period.
The common thread with each case is the posting eventually expires – goes away – no longer shown.
So what happens next? Nothing sadly. Once the posting is no longer shown, the employer has to re-post the job o was active. Really smart employers make sure candidates know they are still welcome to continued submitting applications by maintaining a diversity branding web page on the career site. Many people know the abbreviations “SAS” stands for SAS Software Company – but not everyone. Examples of diversity branding web pages can be viewed on Diversity.com


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