Preferably Caucasian

It has been reported a job posting appeared boldly requesting a, “Preferably Caucasian” candidate. The preferably caucasian candidate also needed to possess “good technical background”.

Cynet Systems Inc

The culprit responsible for publicly proclaiming this obvious violation of equal employment recruiting is Cynet Systems Inc. Cynet Systems, Inc, a tech company specializing in staffing and recruiting confirmed a job posting they issued did in contain the text “preferably caucasian” I am not familiar with the organization but it would seem, based on the number praises they show on their website, their organization is staffed with highly educated human resource professionals. You think .?

Preferably Caucasian

Yes.. it’s a recruitment preference still very alive and of urgent concern to some of the best brands in America. Preferably caucasian still remains the base line for organizations who aren’t quite sure the changing demographics in America to more people of color is a good thing. Afterall, many of these household name organizations never had to integrate lofty executive positions or associate their goods and services with other than caucasian communities. Don’t kid yourself. White priviledge still plays a dominant role in whether an hiring manager would select a white candidate versus a person of color given all other requirements equal for both candidates. Well, actually more qualified diverse candidates are thrumped ( no pun intended ) and rejected as being over qualified while in fact the real reason is not being caucasian.

Cynet Systems Responded

The company issued a statement on Twitter that reads as follows:

preferably caucasian

Surprising, their statement apologized for the anger and frustration over the post contained the requirement of preferably did not apologize for the actual discrimination exhibited.

The second apology with regard to their brassing requirement for “preferable concasian” was issued to clean up the first apology. The second apology reads:

preferably caucasian

You might say, the text “preferably caucasian” was a major screw up. Yes. it was very major, extremely discriminatory and obvious screw up. This screw up is not isolated.. It has been reported another posting by Cynet Systems, Inc stated “female candidate only”. Can you imagine ! If a highly regarded human relations services company can be so off the hook in adhering to very basic employment advertisement what can you expect of other organizations with far less inhouse resources.

The Cynet Systems Inc website describes relations with diverse suppliers extensively. The proudly state :

46,000+ JOBS, 50 STATES

Based in Washington, D.C. Metro Area, Cynet Systems is pioneering IT staffing & engineering consulting across the nation. As a leading staffing and recruiting agency, we match talented and qualified professionals with big and small companies across North America. Discover a world of new possibilities. Their career page – lists these jobs but not one of the job adverts express any information describing Cynet Systems as an Equal Opportunity Employer. Imagine that!!! After all the bad press you would think the first task would be to update their career page content with diversity and inclusion content.

Preferably Caucasian Makes the News

News organizations such as CNN, Associated Press, NBC, Yahoo and others devoted consider space announcing “preferably caucasian” as a byline.

Here are a couple news links that delve into the details considerable more than i.–abc-news-topstories.html


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