Are We Showing Teachers Love?

In a new article from Yahoo Finance, the teacher shortage maybe more bleak that we thought. With low pay and long hours, are we showing our teachers love? We ask them to support their students with school supplies, food and sometimes clothing. Are we showing our teachers love? And because we have not been showing our teachers love, they are striking. There have been major strikes in more than 6 states, where they are asking us for help. They are not feeling our love.

Teachers you are awesome!

Are Guns In Schools The Answer?

Since we are not paying them a living wage, we have not decided to are them? Last week in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill to arm teachers in school. Legislators in Florida believe they do no have enough to do with teaching or providing supplies for their students or the hours at home to grade daily work or tests. Now need we want them trained in how to use a gun. The Florida legislature also decided to not pass a bill for racial bias training for teachers that will carry.

Are Guns In Schools The Answer?

Are Guns In Schools The Answer?

Now that Florida was able to pass this law other state are trying to quickly do the same. Do we really believe teachers will have the available bandwidth to be allies when shooting occur? There four armed police officers hiding outside during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. With all of their years of training they did not run in and save the day. So let’s give them another responsibility, to have shoot-outs with crazies coming to hurt our babies.


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