Starbucks Apology

Last week, the arrest of two black men sitting in a Starbucks store waiting for a friend went viral, thanks to Melissa DePino. Her video of the arrest continues to show the unjust treatment of black and brown people in our country today. While patrons pleaded with officers that the men did nothing wrong and their friend arriving during the commotion; they were lead out in handcuffs. Arrested for waiting while black.

Now the Starbucks apology!

Kevin Johnson - Starbucks - starbucks apology

Kevin Johnson, the Chief Executive came out on Saturday promising to make the men right. Mr. Johnson said Starbucks would review its policies and increase training of partners regarding police assistance. The over reaction first, then the apology! We’ve seen this story so many times before; whenever someone’s behavior is racially insensitive or just plain mean, they get to apologize to make it all better. But the apologies don’t make it all better! Apologies don’t mean anything anymore! Remember the boy who cried wolf, after so many times no one listened to him when he really needed help.

America Has A Heart Problem!

In the past couple of weeks we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the death of Martin Luther Kind Jr. The news and internet ran stories of all the things that were done to give black and brown people equality. It is 50 years later and black and brown people as a whole, are worse off economically than ever. Black and brown people make up almost 40% of the jail population while only being 13% of the population. We are not given the same compassion that white people are given. We are not valued in today’s America.

Isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? If that is the case, are we insane? For 50 years, black and brown people continue to push to be on an equal playing field as whites and it still hasn’t happened. Maybe we are losing more than we are gaining in this fight for equality. Maybe we should try something else?


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