Support Workplace Diversity

Ten tips to support workplace diversity article recently published by Forbes. The authors, Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt, are Forbes contributors. Mr. Gaudino and Ms. Hunt are zealous in writing on topics of diversity and inclusion. Their article regarding support of workplace diversity is actually part 2 of a series of two articles. Part 1 entitled “Things to Do At Work” is covered in a separate blog posting. We are delighted the article recommends’s blog as a source for diversity information.

Support Workplace Diversity
Support Workplace Diversity

Ten Tips Support Workplace Diversity

We recommend reading and distributing the information to co-workers, family and friends. The tips for support of workplace diversity and inclusion are excellent topics to discuss at work and at home. Details are available by clicking on the following link: CLICK HERE

10 Tips

1: Diversify your social networks
2: Seek out new sources of information and resources
3: Subscribe to diversity related newsletters
4: Be Selective about
5: Embrace diversity in both personal and professional life
6: Expose yourself to literature from minority authors
7: Enjoy entertainment in full color
8: Attend events where you might meet a more diverse crowd
9: Travel to places where you will be a minority
10: Invite a diversity of guests into your home

We are pleased to post the full bio of Mr. Paolo Gaudiano and Ms. Ellen Hunt
“We believe the future demands a new mindset in which diversity and inclusion are explicitly linked to the success of organizations. Our goal in the work that we do and in writing this blog is to support the leaders who challenge conventional wisdom in order to create world-class inclusive organizations that outperform their competition. In 2017 we are launching Aleria Tech a “Diversity Tech” company based on our unique approach to analytics, honed over two decades of working with global industry leaders such as BP, Eli Lilly, Schlumberger, Intel, Orange, BNY Mellon, NIKE, the U.S. Navy and the Kellogg Foundation Our platform enables companies to understand the complex ripple effects that result from any diversity and inclusion initiative they choose to undertake. The net result: smart decisions on where to allocate hard-won resources for maximum ROI.”


Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed our article regarding Support Workplace Diversity!


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