Trumpcare, Not Obamacare, Could Be a Job Killer?

Trumpcare, Could Be a Job Killer. Obamacare isn’t well liked, but it’s worked.Obamacare isn’t a very well-liked health law, nor has it ever been. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s (KFF) Health Tracking Poll, which is done on a nearly monthly basis, you can count on two hands how many months since March 2010, when the ACA was signed into law by President Obama, more respondents had a favorable view, rather than unfavorable, of Obama Care.

Obama Care

Obamacare has also successfully completed the job it was intended to do: It reduced the uninsured rate in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8.9% of adults (inclusive of Medicare enrollment) were uninsured by mid-2016, down from 16% before the ACA was implemented.

Trump and congressional Republicans plan to move quickly to repeal Obamacare and implement a new health plan. Their new plan will likely become known as “Trumpcare.”.”Trumpcare” could easily become the new norm in America. Trumpcare, not Obamacare, could be a job killer despite Obamacare’s numerical success, Though it remains to be seen what Trumpcare might look like, we can probably get a general idea based on Trump’s seven-point health reform plan released during his campaign last March.

7 steps to TRUMPCARE
7 steps to TRUMPCARE

Trump’s 7 point plan

Here’s a quick summary of what you might expect:

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Allow health insurance to be sold across state lines
  • Full health-premium tax deductions for individuals
  • Promote the use of Health Savings Accounts
  • Require better price transparency from health insurers
  • Block grant Medicaid to the states
  • Remove barriers to entry for overseas drug producers

The Trump rhetoric regarding the effects of Obamacare on jobs suggests the costs for employers and employees are causing a decline in the job market.  Since the signing of the Affordable Care Act in March 2010, there have been over 11 million jobs created in the private sector.  Not all of the 11 million in job growth impacted just the health care sector.  Sectors like real estate, construction, finance, health education and training, and insurance also saw positive job growth.

Time will tell whether or not Trumpcare, Not Obamacare, Could Be a Job Killer


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